Prior to sending us your business plan, please read through the Evaluation Criteria & Process, and Submit a Business Plan sections.

Peregrine Ventures is always on the lookout for investment opportunities with early stage, innovative high tech companies in Life science, Telecommunications, and IT. We encourage entrepreneurs to contact us!

If you are looking to finance your venture and think you meet our criteria, please do not hesitate to forward your business plan to our Head Office by post or by email.


Evaluation Criteria
& Process

We adhere to the following steps when evaluating and analyzing each business plan that is submitted to Peregrine Ventures.

Step 1: The General Partners review the business plan for compliance with Peregrine Ventures' investment strategy. If the venture seems to meet our investment criteria, a meeting with the Peregrine management team will be arranged.


Step 2: If the venture is approved by all members of the management team, the team will present to a General Manager where all initial questions and concerns will be addressed.

Step 3: The presentation meeting is held with the start-up and the General Partners at Peregrine Ventures Head Office.

Step 4: If there is mutual interest to move forward, full due diligence activities will be undertaken by Peregrine Ventures.

Step 5: If the due diligence results are positive, a meeting will be held between the Peregrine General Partners and the Peregrine Investment Committee to discuss the potential investment. All investments must be approved unanimously.


Step 6: Peregrine and the founding team negotiate the terms of agreement and sign a contract ⎯ and a new Peregrine portfolio company has been created!


Submit a

Business Plan

If you are interested in submitting your Executive Summary or concise business plan, please email a digital copy (in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat Reader format) to the attention of Administration at contact@pererinevc.com.


If you prefer to send a hard copy, please post it to: 
Att: Administration 
Peregrine Ventures 
6 Yoni Netanyahu Street 
Or Yehuda, 60376, Israel

Please ensure that the following topics are covered:


  • Company Background

  • Products Currently Available and Under Development

  • Intellectual Property

  • Value Proposition to the Customer

  • Product Description

  • Business Model

  • Market(s) Addressed

  • Market Size and Growth

  • Competitive Breakdown

  • Key Competitors

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Risk Factors

  • Management Biographies

  • Financial Statements and Projections

  • Financing Needs and Valuation