Peregrine Ventures, Israel's leading venture capital fund focuses on early stage investments, invests in promising High-Tech companies with a strong emphasis on Life Sciences, Digital Health and Information Technology.

Peregrine Ventures, Israel's leading venture capital fund, invests in promising early stage high-tech companies with a strong emphasis on Life Sciences, Digital Health and Information Technology.

Operating since 2001

peregrine Venture capital
peregrine Venture capital

Over 500 ideas screened per year

peregrine Venture capital

Experienced team

peregrine Venture capital

Market driven

Collaborating with talented entrepreneurs, Peregrine has earned a solid reputation for turning innovative technologies into successful companies with significant global presence. 

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Portfolio Companies


Management Team

Peregrine's success can be ascribed to the vast experience and professionalism of our management team. Comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs from leading technology companies, our management team is well connected to the tech scene and committed to supporting the Fund`s array of unique portfolio companies.

Eyal Lifschitz

Managing General Partner


Boaz Lifschitz

Managing General Partner

Tamir Tal

Venture Partner

Lior Shahory

General Partner

Tal Carasso

Venture Partner, Director of Investor Relations

David Eldar



Prior to sending us your business plan, please read through the Evaluation Criteria & Process, 
and Submit a Business Plan section.

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Your partner for early stage investments.

Leading edge

Leading edge

Technology innovation is an integral part of our vision.

Spread your wings

Spread your wings

The sky is the limit. Dream big.

Life science  innovation

Life science innovation

Join us

Join us

Together we can make your ideas grow.



We believe in supporting non-profit community and social welfare organizations.
The following are some of the projects we are involved with.


Matan is a leading Israeli nonprofit organization promoting a caring civil society by advising corporations, individual donors and foundations on effective community investments and implementation. For more information, please contact Matan.


Tmura - The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, a foundation with a unique business model, was established in 2002 by leading Israeli venture capital funds to involve the high-tech sector in supporting charitable activities. The model is simple: early-stage companies give Tmura a warrant, convertible (at exit) into a small portion of their equity. If the company succeeds, Tmura sells its shares and donates the proceeds to charities in Israel; the focus is on education and youth-related activities, and the companies can indicate which organizations they want to support.


Peregrine Ventures, as well as several other leading venture capital funds, support Tmura's activities and encourage portfolio companies to make an equity donation to Tmura. For more information, please contact Tmura.


Your Partner for EarlyStage Investments.