Aleph Farms received regulatory approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health to launch Aleph Cuts, the world’s first cultivated beef steaks

In a significant development, Aleph Farms has received official approval to produce and market their innovative product in Israel. The green light comes with certain conditions, including adherence to precise labeling and marketing guidelines stipulated by Israel’s Ministry of Health. Additionally, the company must successfully undergo a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) inspection for its pilot production facility. Upon meeting these requirements, Aleph Farms is set to introduce Aleph Cuts to eager diners, marking a major milestone.

This approval represents a historic first for non-chicken cultivated meat in the world and it is also the first approval for cultivated meat of any kind in the Middle East

Aleph’s decision to prioritize beef is driven by a dual focus on impact and value. Conventional cattle farming stands out for having the most significant environmental footprint across all of animal agriculture, and many regions are especially reliant on imports of beef. Moreover, in terms of global market dynamics, of common animal proteins, beef delivers the highest value, shortening the timeline to price parity.

This marks a groundbreaking achievement in sustainable and innovative food production and for the food-tech industry, with Israel standing out as a key global player.

Aleph is leading the way towards a sustainable and ethical future by mitigating the environmental impact of the meat industry and tackling food security challenges through innovative solutions.