Peregrine Ventures invests in Nectin Therapeutics

New immunotherapy company joining Peregrine's cancer-related companies portfolio.

Nectin is unlocking the power of the immune system by developing potent next-generation inhibitors targeting novel immune checkpoints, The company’s Technology is based on Monoclonal antibodies and antibody-derived molecules that target the Nectin family of receptors and ligands. What differentiates Nectin from its competitors is its standalone efficacy as well as unprecedented synergy within the pipeline and with approved checkpoint inhibitors.

Nectin is developing a diverse pipeline of targeted antibodies that overcome inhibitory pathways deployed by the tumors and allow immune cells to effectively destroy cancer cells.

Additionally, based on the unique expression patterns of several nectin proteins, the company develops CAR-T and -NK drivers that directly target tumor cells in various indications, including hard-to-treat cancers.

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