althea medical
Lia Ofek
Co-Founder & CEO

Althea medical is developing a non-surgical treatment for patients suffering from Pulmonary Embolism (PE). PE is a blockage or clot in one of the pulmonary arteries leading to the lung that can result in death in up to one-third of all patients. Current treatment options include administration of blood thinners that carries high risk of intracranial bleeding, and surgical pulmonary embolectomy, which is a highly invasive procedure. Minimally invasive catheter-based interventions are fast becoming the preferred approach, as they allow the physician to quickly navigate to the blocked area and relieve clot burden, thereby achieving hemodynamic stability.
Our products include: 1) An over the wire novel system that combines the efficiency of large bore thrombectomy with an easy-to-use delivery method that minimizes patient risks, and 2) a mechanical clot removal system used for capture and removal of all or most of the thrombus bulk.