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Eric J. Messika
pharma & biotech
pharma & biotech

EviCure is developing a novel extracellular vesicles (EV)-based platform technology for the treatment of cancer. EviCure leverages AI capabilities and sophisticated human cancer disease models for in-depth comparative analyses of various stem cell subpopulations and secreted EVs to achieve robust and specific anti-tumor effects against a wide range of solid tumors.

In addition to their endogenous therapeutic effects, EviCure’s EVs can be used as vehicles for the targeted delivery of RNA-based therapies, peptides and small therapeutic molecules. This combined approach generates EVs that target multiple oncogenic pathways associated with tumor growth, metastasis and resistance to radiation and advanced treatments. 

EviCure has also developed a groundbreaking approach for the of scale up of EVs using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and biological sensors to produce EVs in a consistent and reproducible process maintaining their anti-tumor effects throughout the entire scale-up production. 

PL-Ex-1 is the first product on EviCure’s platform, and is expected to become a leading EV treatment against lung cancer providing a safe, cost effective, mutation agnostic and stage independent treatment for different types of lung and other solid tumors.